brotoxMen are finally discovering what women have always known – appearance matters. Men are starting  to see that cosmetic procedures can eliminate embarrassing conditions and make them look younger and more attractive. With advancements these days, cosmetic treatments and surgeries that once required hospital stays and long downtime are now done in the office as an outpatient with minimal downtime.

Yes men get Botox too! It’s just not something we talk about. After all, up to 30% of those who get Botox are men. Facial Fillers like Juvaderm for deep frown lines also take years off your face.
Years of drinking beer and coffee can leave teeth looking yellow and dull. Here at Body Beautiful, we can reverse those years and get your teeth back to the way they used to be. Our ISO Certified Dental Laboratory developed in-office whitening system is safe, simple, and effective.  Become a VIP and get half off this service.

Local pain and discomfort during Botox administration is mild and no anesthesia is necessary. Applying a cold compress to the region prior to treatment may be helpful. In very sensitive patients local anesthetic drugs such as topical novacaine can be applied.

There is no downtime per se after the procedure, yet it’s highly recommended that patients follow several guidelines. Following injections, patient should avoid strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours.

Side effects when using Botox to treat fine lines and wrinkles almost never occur. In the rare instances that they do they are generally mild and resolve quickly. One of the main observed side effects is temporary weakness of the small muscles of the face.

So don’t wait any longer. grab a friend and come on in to try your first “Brotox”. Gone are the days of the “frozen face”. Our highly trained professionals are skilled at making you appear natural and relaxed,….and younger!

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