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Body Beautiful’s Meet the Staff Article

Body Beautifuls goal to provide quality treatment and rapport with patients that we provide for our cosmetic procedures. Patients can consult with our physician(s) about any of their concerns to ensure we are meeting individual’s needs. It is important for our patients to understand their skin conditions and discover the cosmetic procedures that are effective to treat their concern. We will help design a customized treatment plan that provides optimal results. That’s the benefit of finding our Professional Medical Laser Spa. We would be pleased to see you, call 724 987 3221 to arrange a free consultation with one of our physicians or staff……..Click Picture to Read More

Meet Dr. Christina Teimouri, DPM.

Christina Teimouri, DPM, personifies all of the personal, professional, and ethical characteristics that are essential in a true physician.
Indeed, Dr. Tina, as she is familiarly and affectionately known, has an inherently profound compassion, and an overwhelming desire to help others. Building upon that foundation with her education, creative problem-solving skills, and progressive ideas, she has become a top-flight doctor…… Click Picture to Read More

What age should I start Botox®?

Among Hollywood’s elite, looking good is big business. Maintaining a youthful-looking, wrinkle-free face is important and is literally part of every actor, actress, and model’s job. Just pick up any magazine or turn on the TV, and it is quite evident how visual and image-driven society has become. In this environment, the face-shot is more than just an ordinary picture, it is a celebrity’s instantly recognizable symbol—who they are, what they’ve done, how successful they are (or are not), all rolled up into one. An actor’s face is possibly their biggest career asset, and they will do almost anything to keep their face looking its best…..Click Picture to Read More

Top Five Reasons for Laser Hair Removal

Rebuild your confidence, and remove the fear of showing some skin, by getting rid of unwanted hair.” 2. Permanently removing unwanted hair will help you look great. Your skin will not only look and feel smooth, but will also be rejuvenated from the light therapy……..Click Picture to Read More

Is Toenail Fungus Among Us?

Over-the-counter creams are not able to penetrate the thick nail. A Podiatrist’s office should have a stronger topical treatment that is able to kill the fungus. With this option, it may be six months before you notice a difference

Advanced Vein Center

The Advanced Vein Center has long been recognized as one of the area’s premier facilities for the treatment of venous diseases. We’ve always been proud of our sterling reputation, and we strive every day, not only to maintain our high standards, but to continually find ways to exceed them…..Click Picture to Read More

Neuropathy in Diabetics & Non-Diabetics

Among the most common complications of diabetes is neuropathy. Unfortunately, even with your blood sugar in good control, neuropathy may occur. In fact, over time, this will occur in up to 50% of diabetics. Once diabetic neuropathy occurs, it almost always gets worse…..Click Picture to Read More

The New r20 Technique Cuts Laser Tattoo Removal Time in Half

Nineteen-year-old Amanda McDonald had no regrets when she got a tattoo of a star on her arm. But at 39, the stay-at-home mom believed the youthful design wasn’t right for her anymore. “My life has changed dramatically since I was younger,” Amanda said. “It just doesn’t fit me anymore. I want to be able to wear tank tops and dresses, and feel comfortable with myself…..Click Picture to Read More

Men’s treatments

Most men I know work really hard for the things they value in life. having good jobs, caring for significant others, and keeping in shape all take work and time. It’s good to know that some very good, even life-altering, things can happen in a man’s life that don’t necessarily require a great deal of exertion. For example, any one of the following treatments can significantly change your life – and the hardest part is just making the call to one of our five locations!…….Click Picture to Read More

What is the V.I.P program?

Body Beautiful has introduced a V.I.P. Program as a way to say Thank You to our clients. The V.I.P. Program is a 3-tiered process that lets you earn your way to better V.I.P. rewards…….Click Picture to Read More

Advanced Wound Care

The power of healing begins with relief. If a non-healing wound is keeping you from doing all the things you would like to do, the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic can help you get your life back. Of those patients afflicted with chronic wounds, the majority (approximately 2.5 million Americans) suffer from slow-healing or non-healing lower extremity ulcers……..Click Picture to Read More

Silhouette Face lift

As we age, the tissues of our face change. The skin loses elasticity and facial fat, so it becomes lax, and gravity produces the typical jowls, flat cheeks, and lower eye bags……Click Picture to Read More

Are Permanent Eyebrows Right for You?

One of our most popular treatments for reversing the signs of aging is our Permanent Eyebrow Treatment. And there’s a good reason for that! Not only is the treatment affordable, but the results are immediate. The cosmetic pigment looks natural as it blends into your own natural brows, and there is no down-time as swelling is minimal…..Click Picture to Read More

New Advanced Treatments

Ultrasonic frequency treatments effectively plump up the skin, filling in, and smoothing out, lines and wrinkles. They also reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, tighten skin, diminish the appearance of cellulite, fade age spots and freckles, shrink pores, stimulate collagen production, and reverse scar damage. These procedures are safe, gentle, and painless, even on individuals with very sensitive skin, including those with rosacea…..Click Picture to Read More


Afraid to rock that mini-skirt or bikini because of dimpled skin on your hips, butt or arms? While it’s normal for women of all shapes, sizes and ages to experience cellulite at some point in their lives, it doesn’t mean the days of flaunting your bad-ass beach bod are over. Several effective treatments for the workout-resistant condition are available, and many celebrities whose livelihoods depend on a sculpted body — front and back — take advantage of them….Click Picture to Read More

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic’s Foot Care Guide

Cryotherapy treats conditions such as heel pain, neuromas, tarsal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis, and neuropathy, decreasing inflammation, and effectively relieving pain……..Click Picture to Read More……..Click Picture to Read More

Plagued by spider & varicose veins?

Unsightly blue, purple, or red veins in the legs or around the eyes were once considered an inevitable sign of aging. But thanks to advances in the treatment of spider and varicose veins, there’s no need to avoid the beach or gaze longingly at the skirt racks in your favorite department store……Click Picture to Read More

I love shoes, but shoes don’t love me

If you have them or know someone who does, the words “sore, painful, or ugly”, sound very familiar. Phrases like, “I can’t find any comfortable shoes”, or “I can no longer wear attractive shoes”, or even, “All my shoes have an ugly worn out bump” have described your foot fashion….Click Picture to Read More

Good Vibrations – Advanced Liposuction

No matter how much “good fats” are touted in the news, many people who are overweight – even if by only a few pounds – find it hard to get excited about them. As far as they’re concerned, fat, of any variety, is the enemy…..Click Picture to Read More

Common skin problems

A 2008 survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveals that people in their 50s and 60s ranked youthful-looking skin as the number-one feature they find attractive in others. It also indicated that respondents in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s were very concerned about the appearance of their faces…..Click Picture to Read More

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