Living Body Beautiful  is your expert guide to health and beauty in Western PA. Our magazine provides trusted information, education and advice from our experienced healthcare professionals. Our team shares the philosophy of always putting the patient first, and we want you to be aware of our services to meet all of your needs.
Our readers enjoy our mix of featured articles, employee spotlights, patient testimonials, new medical services and technologies. There is truly something for everyone.

As the top healthcare magazine in Western PA, you can be assured that you are in the best hands with our partners at Pittsburgh Medical Mall, which include: Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa, Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, Advanced Liposuction Center, Advanced Vein Center and many more. Your medical mall meets many of the cosmetic, vascular, aesthetic, podiatric, wound and pain needs.

We have 10 locations throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, where all of our doctors, physicians, nurses, and technicians travel to convenience our patients.

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Our Staff

Our goal is to provide high-quality care and personalized treatment to ensure each patient gets results. We have a variety of medical professionals that provide great advice, tips and information but have become the go-to specialists for Living Body Beautiful. Our experts want to help you look and feel your ultimate best. Here’s a list of our specialties:

Cosmetic laser services
Injectables and fillers
Liposuction and fat transfers
Varicose vein treatments, including surgery
Podiatric care
Wound care and healing

You can find more information about each of these topics in Living Body Beautiful. Some treatments may be covered by insurance.

Looking for Doctor, Laser Aesthetics, call 7249873221,Doctor,

Living Body Beautiful is distributed to hundreds of local doctors offices, specialists, salons, skin centers, gyms, hospitals, tanning salons, spas and high-end stores across Western PA, including Cranberry, Butler, New Wilmington, Monroeville, Downtown Pittsburgh, Moon Township, Robinson, Chippewa, Bethel Park, and Canonsburg. The magazine is published bi-yearly and is free to all area residents. Everyone is welcome to take one where they see it and share it with a friend too.

Living Body Beautiful magazine offers attractive and clear production and advertisements and features our real-life before and after pictures. Our on-site graphic designer will compose your ad with no additional charge. Our marketing and management team supports the local community, teams, and businesses, and we strive to asset our community. Click here to learn more. Many articles are timeless in nature, so access to previous versions is available above.

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