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Dr. Christina Teimouri, DPM


Dr. Teimouri, DPM

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic


Dr. Christina

Teimouri, DPM

ESWT Extracorporeal

Shockwave Therapy



ACR Accredited

Vascular Lab


Advanced Technology Keeps Her a Step Ahead by Kathy Moran


Christina Teimouri, DPM, personifies all of the personal, professional, and ethical characteristics that are essential in a true physician.


   Indeed, Dr. Tina, as she is familiarly and affectionately known, has an inherently profound compassion, and an overwhelming desire to help others. Building upon that foundation with her education, creative problem-solving skills, and progressive ideas, she has  become a top-flight doctor.


   “I have known since I was five years old that I was going to be a doctor,” she says, “but I hadn’t considered podiatry until I was in college, and volunteering at South Side Hospital. Then, on Podiatry Day, some of the surgeons invited me to observe their operations. I really liked what I saw, and knew that I wanted to be a part of it.”

  “I knew at five years old that I was going to be a doctor.”  

   On the way to achieving her goal, she did her undergraduate studies at Pitt, went to the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, and completed a Podiatric Surgical Residency at the Beaver Medical Center.


   Because she loved this area, Dr. Teimouri settled here, and in 1994, opened her Beaver Valley Foot Clinic in Hopewell. Before long, she had four more locations, in Beaver, Butler, and Allegheny counties.


   In 2006, she attended a seminar on aesthetic podiatry, which was just gaining popularity. “That’s where I was introduced to the practice of using lasers in podiatry to clear up nail fungus and remove hair on the legs and feet,” says Dr. Teimouri.


   Soon afterward, she added a foot spa to her clinic; and that led to more growth. “After several months, I saw that there was a great demand for all-over body services,” says Dr. Teimouri. “So we hired a medical director, and opened our Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa.”


   Dr. Teimouri is also committed to promoting vein health. “As a podiatrist, over the last 20 years, I’ve performed a lot of wound care,” she says, “and I often noticed that my patients’ veins were becoming varicose. In such cases, I would advise them to see a vein specialist, as early intervention is crucial in preventing complications and infections in the lower extremities. However, because many were uncomfortable about searching for a new doctor, I recruited a leading vein specialist to work in-house. That way, I could be sure that they followed up and received the help that they needed, from a competent surgeon. Thus, we became a multi-specialty practice, and the Advanced Vein Center was born.”


   Certainly, a keen intuition about her patients’ needs spurs her quest for cutting-edge medical and technological advancements that will provide a constant stream of new resources and methods that she can use to improve the


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