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Top five reasons for laser

hair removal


Rebuild your confidence, and


remove the fear of showing some skin, by getting rid of unwanted hair.


Permanently removing unwanted


hair will help you look great. Your skin will not only look and feel smooth, but will also be rejuvenated from the light therapy.


Laser hair removal saves you money.


Over time, laser hair removal costs a  fraction of the price of other hair removal methods.


Laser hair removal saves you time.


Not only is each individual treatment faster than other methods, the results are permanent.


Ingrown hairs are no longer a


concern with laser hair removal. Ingrown hairs are the cause of discomfort, infections and self-consciousness resulting from unsightly outbreaks.


Compare permanent hair reduction to

non-permanent methods which do you use?




Body Beautiful






Pluck or Tweezing



  Depilatories Bleach  
  Ease of use  
  Very easy  

On-going appointment


Your own opinion


Self or appointment


On-going appointment


Self or appointment




Only $100- 400 final price (depending on area size)


$15-20 for small areas (eyebrows), $45 for bikini, bigger areas like legs cost up to $85 per session  equaling thousands over a lifetime


Approx. $240 per year for razors & shaving cream


Low cost for plucking (if you can ignore the pain)


$25-40 per 30 minute session


Average small area costs $150 per year depending how much is used


Time Requirement


Removal results in 4-5 treatments; 5-15 minutes per session


Up-keep every few weeks, drive time to appointment and appointment time


Done 365 days a year


Done every few days to every week


Multiple appointments can lead to permanent result


Every 2-6 weeks have to rebleach plus do it yourself time


Pain Level

  Slight pinch (usually only 1st session) no pain after  

Very painful, redness


Razor burn and other skin irritation


Redness and skin irritation


Very painful, redness; higher risk


Risk of chemical burns


Secondary Effects


Permanent reduction saves time, money and energy


Ingrown hairs, chemical burns, acne and potential scarring


Long lasting skin irritation


Open wounds can lead to infection


May cause bumps


Most people still notice the Hair!


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