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 What age should I start Botox®?   by Steve Crotzer, DC


twins, tall, thin, gorgeous blondes, were virtually indistinguishable from one another. Dr. Binder was meticulous, keeping everything else as close to the same as possible; same genetics, diet (including water, alcohol, and caffeine intake), sun exposure, stress levels, similar makeup and skin care regimens, even how much sleep both twins got at night (7 ½ hours). Long thought of as only a  temporary procedure, the long term results surprised even him.


   Technically known as hyperfunctional or imprinted lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases result from the repeated tightening of many small facial muscles over many years. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing these muscles, resulting in younger looking, smoother skin. Comparing the twins after seven months without Botox in thousands of pictures, their faces showed dramatic differences in appearance. Several photos appeared in the 2008 issue of Allure magazine bringing the issue to national attention, and are available online (check them out, they are amazing!).


   By 38 years old, the untreated twin had left modeling to become a full-time mom (having children is one of the few differences between the twins) who continued to take pride in her appearance. She had moderate horizontal forehead lines, visible even at rest. The treated twin, still a professional model, had none. Most visibly evident on the untreated twin were severe frown lines on the fold of skin above and between the eyes. The treated twin had absolutely none, except when frowning in an exaggerated manner. Severe crow’s feet were evident, especially when smiling, to the sides of both the untreated twin’s eyes. The treated twin had very mild crow’s feet


Among Hollywood’s elite, looking good is big business. Maintaining a youthful-looking, wrinkle-free face is important and is literally part of every actor, actress, and model’s job. Just pick up any magazine or turn on the TV, and it is quite evident how visual and image-driven society has become. In this environment, the face-shot is more than just an ordinary picture, it is a celebrity’s instantly recognizable symbol—who they are, what they’ve done, how successful they are (or are not), all rolled up into one. An actor’s face is possibly their biggest career asset, and they will do almost anything to keep their face looking its best.


   In the early 90’s, Botox took America’s “culture industry” by storm, shooting


Now offering advanced Botox injection techniques! We are able to decrease and smooth frown lines, lift eyebrows, curl and plump upper lip for a fuller appearance and to r educe lip lines as well as elevate the corners of the mouth. Schedule now for safe, easy, cost effective treatments that will enhance your appearance!


straight to the top and never leaving. All of a sudden stars just looked younger. Able to relax the frown lines between the eyes, smooth out wrinkled foreheads, and eliminate crow’s feet, there was seemingly nothing it could not do; the only drawback was that the results were temporary, usually lasting 3-6 months. Botox quickly became the preferred quick fix, but nothing could be said about its long term effects.


   This is the story of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon William Binder and the “Botox twins.”


   For 13 years, Dr. Binder had taken thousands of pictures of the twins’ faces, one receiving Botox injections three times a year to the forehead and around the eyes. The

  visible only when smiling. Among the treated areas, the crow’s feet were the only signs of visible aging on the treated twin. Areas not receiving Botox, such as the upper lip and cheeks, showed comparable aging in both twins. According to Dr. Binder, “in the treated areas, it is as if the treated twin stopped aging at 25. We did not know Botox could do that.” Dr. Binder’s study was the first real evidence that Botox could be used to prevent signs of aging from developing in the first place, and is now common practice.  

   How young is too young for Botox? Most plastic surgeons give answers between 20 and 25 years. An experienced plastic surgeon gave the following advice: “You cannot have just anybody do this, you have got to be an artist with the injections. You want somebody who does this all the time and knows where and how much to inject. A common mistake is using too much. That is when you get that frozen, mask-like face.”


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