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by Christina Teimouri, DPM


The power of healing begins with relief. If a non-healing wound is keeping you from doing all the things you would like to do, the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic can help you get your life back. Of those patients afflicted with chronic wounds, the majority (approximately 2.5 million Americans) suffer from slow-healing or non-healing lower extremity ulcers.


Ulcers (an open wound) are wounds that have a biological or physiological reason for not healing. If unrecognized or untreated, these wounds can have serious complications. Some of the most common wounds are leg ulcers from a vein problem, foot wounds from diabetes, bed sores and any infected wounds. If a wound does not heal within a reasonable amount of time, intensive medical intervention is required to enable that wound to heal. There are many types of wounds that become chronic; non-healing after a number of weeks of non-treatment.

  • Pressure ulcers (bed sores) are a result of part of the body that stays in a single position for a long period of time. Lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair causes pressure that can cut off the blood supply to that part of the body. We see pressure ulcers on the heels of patients after a long hospital stay because they have been lying in bed all day with their feet in the same position.

  • Venous ulcers are usually the most common type of wound seen in our office. It usually occurs in a patient who has a history of a blood clot or vein problems as in varicose veins or venous insufficiency (swelling and sluggish blood flow going back up the leg).


Diabetic foot ulcers refer to any break in the skin on the foot of a person with diabetes in which infections can occur. These open areas can be caused by loss of sensation (neuropathy) and/or poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease). Loss of sensation can make a person with diabetes unaware of continuous trauma (injury) caused by ill fitting shoes, improper weight bearing, or hard objects in shoes like pebbles.


Testing a venous Doppler scan would be a beneficial start to evaluate the venous blood flow. If there is poor circulation within the venous system then there is medical help. There is an outpatient procedure done in the office to reduce the back flow of the veins and increase the circulation of the blood going back up against gravity. An arterial Doppler is a scan done to evaluate the blood supply getting down to the entire foot including the toes. Off-loading pressure areas of the feet with diabetic shoes and inserts, special padding, and elevating the feet on pillows at night while sleeping (place the pillow under calves, not directly under heels) can help reduce the amount of pressure ulcers.


Treatments - There are many simple topical dressings for wounds such as ointments and saline, or as complex as the use of a “silver type” of dressing that stays on for a week under compression wraps. In clinical trials, Apligraf® (created from cells found in healthy human skin) proved particularly effective in the recovery of patients with long-standing, hard to heal venous leg ulcers and diabetic ulcers. Another option is Dermagraft® which is manufactured from human fibroblast cells derived from human tissue grow


in a lab under sterile conditions. It is used for the treatment of full-thickness diabetic foot ulcers greater than 6 weeks duration. Dermagraft® should be used in conjunction with standard wound care regimens and in patients who have adequate blood supply to the involved foot. Oral antibiotics are required for infections and in serious infections IV antibiotics are needed for hospital admissions. This is why it is very important to seek medical treatment early when a wound develops.

  Why should I choose the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic for wound care over similar facilities?  

We are very passionate about our patients, and we believe that no other facility will give you the personal attention and care that we offer at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic. You are not just a patient to us, we believe that you deserve the best quality of life possible. There is an enormous amount of patients who are very pleased with the treatment they received at the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic and Advanced Vein Center.


If you have a sore or wound that hasn’t started to heal in a month, Call 724-375-1577 or go online to and let our Doctors start getting you better today.



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