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Advanced Vein Center

  by Kathy Moran  

The Advanced Vein Center has long been recognized as one of the area’s premier facilities for the treatment of venous diseases. We’ve always been proud of our sterling reputation,

and we strive every day, not only to maintain our high standards, but to continually find ways to exceed them.  

   Because of the speed of medical and technological advancements, which are being made every day, this is an on-going challenge. Nevertheless, it’s an exhilarating one, which we’ve repeatedly met with ardor, staying ahead of the curve by perpetually growing, learning, building upon our skills, and expanding our services. In fact, we’ve recently taken another giant step forward, greatly augmenting our

  practice to include a remarkable range of minimally-invasive surgical procedures.  

   One of the main reasons why we are consistently able to reinvent ourselves is that we align strictly with the top talent in the field, whose knowledge, abilities, objectives, and principles mirror our own. Of course, at times, searching for such ideal matches can be exhaustive; but it’s always been worth the effort, as we’ve found some real gems.


   Indeed, our doctors are among medicine’s elite. Not only do they reside on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs, but they have even been responsible for some of them. Without question, their unwillingness to be bound by preconceived notions

  has benefitted patients around the globe.  

   Among their specialties, our doctors do image-guided microsurgery, using all types of real-time and cross-sectional imaging technology, including ultrasound, X-Rays, CT scanning, and fluoroscopy.


Being able to clearly see inside the body without performing open surgery allows them to work through small incisions, using devices to obtain tissue for biopsies, drain abscesses or abnormal fluid build-ups, treat vascular diseases and malformations, and care for a variety of other ailments.


   Moreover, our doctors enjoy making these minimally-invasive procedures accessible to more people. By providing them in our offices, they can connect better with their patients, and achieve a higher level and quality of care. Even more appealing is that the Advanced Vein Center has so many locations in the region where they


can perform them. Certainly, having these doctors on our staff has added immensely to our capabilities. Now, besides treating venous diseases, we offer a broader selection of procedures for a vast number of diseases that couldn’t be tended to here previously. We’re also giving Pittsburgh-area general practitioners some great, new options when they’re looking for the optimum facilities to which they can refer their patients.


   There’s no doubt that everyone is excited about the advantages of these minimally-invasive techniques. Even so, because the field has been making great strides at a dizzying pace, some people still believe that they can be used in only a few cases, or are less effective than traditional operations. The doctors point out that they’re usually more effective, at lower costs, with fewer risks of complications; and they’re becoming more prevalent every day.

     As a matter of fact, they note that most physicians now will recommend open surgery only as a last resort; and they’re delighted with this trend. Furthermore, being visionaries who are always seeking better methods of doing things, they’re enthusiastic about making more of their own innovative contributions to medicine.  

   Though truly avant-garde, they staunchly uphold and adhere to the conventional standards and ethics of their profession. Greatly esteemed by their colleagues, they have worked at some of the foremost hospitals in the world, including Harvard, UPMC, and Allegheny General Hospital.

     Of course, we – and all of our patients – are very happy that they’re now on our team!  
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