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by P. J. Davis

Afraid to rock that mini-skirt or bikini because of dimpled skin on your hips, butt or arms?

   While itís normal for women of all shapes, sizes and ages to experience cellulite at some point in their lives, it doesnít mean the days of flaunting your bad-ass beach bod are over.

   Several effective treatments for the workout-resistant condition are available, and many celebrities whose livelihoods depend on a sculpted body ó front and back ó take advantage of them.

   Model and reality show star Kim Kardashian, who is proud of her curvy form, freely admits she tends toward the unsightly bumps and bulges in her rear view. But you wonít see the Armenian beauty hiding her hips and thighs at the beach or in a pair of Daisy Dukes.

   Kardashian and her famous sisters are proponents of VelaShape, a specialized cellulite reducing technique that stimulates circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage in those stubborn cellulite-prone areas.

   The VelaShape gently rolls over the skin during the safe, relaxing, treatments, applying deep infrared heat to problem areas and enlarging the vessels that drain the fatty tissue away.

   VelaShape treatments provide a painless alternative to invasive surgical reduction of cellulite, and results are usually noticeable after only two treatments.

   Body Beautiful has also added the Body After Baby procedure, which uses new Alma Accent technology to shrink those stubborn postpartum areas. Given once per week, the treatments have shown an average reduction of nearly three inches on abdomen circumference, one to two inches on thighs, and 5.93 inches on the buttocks.

   Body contouring is also available through laser and liposuction treatments. Your Body Beautiful consultant can explain the procedures and help decide which is best for you.

   Remember, this is not your motherís cellulite. Take steps today toward better body image, self-confidence, and smooth, sexy curves by calling the Body Beautiful nearest you. 



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