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The New r20 Technique Cuts Laser Tattoo Removal Time in Half

      The New r20 Technique Cuts Laser  
      Tattoo Removal Time in Half  

Nineteen-year-old Amanda McDonald had no regrets when she got a tattoo of a star on her arm. But at 39, the stay-at-home mom believed the youthful design wasn’t right for her anymore. “My life has changed dramatically since I was younger,” Amanda said. “It just doesn’t fit me anymore. I want to be able to wear tank tops and dresses, and feel comfortable with myself.”


   Amanda considered tattoo removal, but knowing it could take over a year to complete, she settled with covering up with long sleeves, sweaters and jackets But then, she heard about a new procedure that is able to remove tattoos in a fraction of the time. So Amanda made an appointment with Wesley South, a certified laser technician, at Body Beautiful, who performs the procedure.


   Called the r20 technique, its results can be seen in just one session. Tattoos that normally would take four treatments to remove now only require one; tattoos


that would need eight sessions, now only require two – and so on.


   What was done in four months’ time, can be done in one day now. Clients are getting much faster results and when it's faster, it is easier to make the appointment to come in. The one thing that really discourages clients from getting tattoo removals is that they are told that it can sometimes take one to two years to clear a tattoo. Now, it can be done in just a few months!


   On the first pass of the laser, the entire tattoo is traced. Gas bubbles form and dissipate. Twenty minutes later, the area is able to be penetrated deeper for the second pass of the laser. Four passes of the laser can be done in one treatment session.


   Consider calling Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa to make an appointment for Tattoo Laser removal. One of our certified laser technicians will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions about r20 or any of our other services.

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