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Meet Dr. Baskin, MDby Kathy Moran

Our advanced vascular and interventional radiology’s leading expert in diagnosing and treating
diseases with minimally-invasive and interventional procedures
Meet Dr. Baskin, MD


The Advanced Vein Center has long been recognized as one of the area’s premier facilities for the treatment of venous diseases. However, we have recently augmented our practice to include a remarkable range of minimally-invasive surgical procedures. We’ve always been proud of our sterling reputation, and we strive every day, not only to maintain our high standards, but to consistently find ways to exceed them.



   Because of the speed of medical and technological advancements, which are being made every day, this is an on-going challenge. Nevertheless, it’s an exhilarating one, which we’ve continually met with ardor, staying ahead of the curve by perpetually growing, learning, building upon our skills, and expanding our services.


   To accomplish this, we align ourselves with the top talent in the field, whose knowledge, abilities, goals, and principles mirror our own. Of course, at times, searching for such ideal matches can be exhaustive; but it definitely pays off when

  we find a real gem.  

   That’s exactly what happened when Dr. Kevin Baskin, MD, became the medical Director of Advanced Vein Center. An internationally-renowned interventional radiologist, he is regarded as one of medicine’s elite. Furthermore, he fairly resides on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs, and is even responsible for some of them.


   Naturally, to fully understand his specialty, it’s important to know what an interventional radiologist (IR) does.“Basically, we do image-guided microsurgery,” explains Dr. Baskin, “using all types of imaging


technology, including ultrasound, X-Rays, CT scanning, fluoroscopy, and, in short, all forms of real-time and cross-sectional imaging. These allow us to see places that would normally require open surgery to access. Thus, we can provide treatment through small incisions, using devices to obtain tissue for biopsies, drain abscesses or abnormal fluid collections, treat vascular diseases and malformations, and care for a variety of other ailments.”


   Undoubtedly, his expertise is impressive; but, beyond that, we knew from the start that his attitude would perfectly complement ours. Dr. Baskin is never


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