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  Meet Marcia Fleis Hale  
  Intradermalist & Permanent  
  Makeup Specialist  

Making the World More Beautiful, One Stroke at a Time by Kathy Moran


For some people, having a career that’s perfectly tailored to their abilities and passions is only a dream. For Marcia Hale, our Permanent Makeup Specialist and Intradermalist, it’s a reality. Through her determination and dedication, she’s carved out her perfect niche, little by little; and now, she’s helping people in a big way.


    After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Humanities from Slippery Rock University, and her Art Teaching Certification from Carlow University, Marcia began teaching in one of Pittsburgh’s inner-city schools. Although it was a fairly tough assignment, she resolved to stay. She believed that instilling a love of art in her students would help to better their lives.


   After two years, though, school closings eliminated her position. So, she returned to the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, where she’d previously worked with her sister, Dr. Tina Teimouri. This time, she got certified to do laser treatments on spider veins of the ankles. That was the serendipitous beginning of a fulfilling career.


   “The laser machines kept advancing to do more and more procedures,” says Hale, “and I kept getting certified for them. Eventually, we added more staff and new locations, and Body Beautiful was born.”


   After that auspicious beginning, the big picture began to come into focus when she decided to start a family.


   As Hale notes, “When expecting my first child, I wanted to concentrate on doing my specialty treatments, and getting certified in new paramedical procedures. Luckily, I already had a built-in team that I could count on, in my siblings. Over the years, we’ve all contributed to the business, using our own, unique talents, which complement each other perfectly. So, my brother, Mark Fleis, took on the daily management of Body Beautiful, a position in which he’s flourishing.”


   A few years later, with another baby on the way, she decided to again start using her artistic skills, which were intrinsic and irrepressible. This time, however, she wanted to incorporate them with her healthcare training.


   “I always knew that I wanted to be an artist,” says Hale, “but that wasn’t enough, because I really wanted to be able


to help people, too. Actually, I started doing permanent makeup because of a friend whose eyebrows were thinning from chemotherapy. She begged me to get certified so that I could restore the appearance of full eyebrows; and she didn’t want anyone else to do the job.”


   “Seeing the huge difference that made to her, I realized the impact I could have on so many others,” she continues. “Now, I see people leaving the office, overwhelmed with joy; and it’s a pure delight. I’ve enjoyed meeting all of my clients. I love that we’re friends by the end of their treatments, and I’m honored that they refer me to their family and friends. That’s the highest praise I can receive. On top of all of that, I’m glad that I’m able to be a full-time parent during my children’s formative years.”


Paramedical treatments meet art to change a person’s world one brush stroke at a time.


   Performing nearly every service that we offer, she’s particularly enthusiastic about scar camouflage and areola repigmentation after mastectomies.


   “These treatments have tremendous effects on people’s lives,” says Hale. “Just having their bodies restored to their natural appearances can renew their selfesteem. That’s why I spend so much time researching the latest advancements. I’m always looking for the next big procedure to deal with the next issue. If it’s within my power, I’ll go get it and bring it back for my clients.”


   Truly, Marcia’s clients can always depend on her compassion and dedication. It’s as genuine and profound as her artistic skills, which allow her to recreate the subtle nuances of the skin’s natural tones.


   Also active in the art community, she exhibits at shows, and creates artwork for offices, reception areas, and homes. Gracing our walls as well, her paintings contribute greatly to the enjoyment of a visit to our medi-spa.


   Indeed, Marcia is making the world a more beautiful place, as she says, “one stroke at a time.”


   To learn more about all of our treatments, including dermal rolling, skin tightening (post-pregnancy belly area), tattoo removal, and eyelash extensions, call Marcia, at 724.680.0048, or visit


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