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  A step by step guide to new legs  


  PROCESS STEP 1 Consultation  
  • Meeting with your treatment provider to determine the severity of your condition by reviewing your medical history, exploring your symptoms, concerns and questions.

  • Examination of your legs with a Doppler ultrasound to determine vascular abnormalities.

  • Review of your condition and explanation of treatment suggestions. Review of your insurance coverage and payment options.

  • Once a course of treatment is determined, our pre-treatment is performed.

  STEP 2 Mapping Your Veins  
  • Mapping out varicose veins includes a more detailed ultrasound called a “venous flow map” to illustrate the path of blood flowing through the damaged veins.
  • Your veins are checked for size and backflow of the blood down the veins called “reflux” which is one of the causes of swollen legs and ankles. If you have symptoms and reflux is present, then it is medically necessary to correct the problem veins.

  • Once the flow map is complete, our specialist will discuss the best treatment plan for your specific problems. More common procedures include vein ablation by a Vnus Closuresimilar to a laser but much safer, phlebectomies, or cosmetic spider vein treatment if there is no reflux present.

  STEP 3 Your Treatment
  • Vnus Closure is a simple in-office treatment that does not require a hospital stay. This procedure is

  done by inserting a closure catheter into a vein, heating the vein and sealing it shut.
  The body will redirect the blood flow naturally to healthy veins.
  Vnus Radio Frequency Vein Ablation
  • From start to finish your entire procedure takes less than 45 minutes in the office with

  minimal to no pain.You simply walk out with a band-aid
  and compression stockings! The procedures are covered by most insurance plans.  

Visit the Advanced Vein Center


in the CranMar Plaza in Cranberry Township,


or call 724-987-3220 today for an appointment.






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