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Is Toenail Fungus Among Us?

  Topical Antifungals  

Over-the-counter creams are not able to penetrate the thick nail. A Podiatrist’s office should have a stronger topical treatment that is able to kill the fungus. With this option, it may be six months before you notice a difference.

  Fungal Nail Polish  

Wearing regular nail polish covers and suffocates the nail thus trapping the fungus. If one wishes to wear nail polish, anti-fungal nail polish is available. The anti-fungal nail polish is applied to the nails twice a week for effect.

  Oral Medication  

The most common oral medication is called Lamisil. This option must be approved by your PCP or Podiatrist since it may alter your liver function. Proper testing must be done prior to taking Lamisil. The oral medication will get to the nail root by way of the bloodstream. Again a Podiatrist must be consulted before you take this medication.

  Laser Treatment  

Laser treatment is the newest treatment option available. The laser ablation is quick and painless. A laser light passes through the nail without damaging it, but the laser does kill the fungus under the nail. It still must grow out after treatment.

  Periodic Debridement  
  by Your Podiatrist  

The most common treatment of nail fungus recommended for diabetics, those taking blood thinners and elderly patients with poor circulation is periodic debridement by your foot doctor. When the nails become so thick and deformed that it hurts to wear shoes, this service, covered by most insurance companies, is recommended, especially for those who may not be able to heal properly if they injure themselves with home treatments.


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Is Toenail Fungus Among Us?

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