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How the fractional laser treatment works on wrinkles

How the fractional laser

treatment works on wrinkles


Whether the issue is scars, stretch marks, or wrinkles, the concept remains the same. To understand whatís happening within the skin to make smoother, tighter skin happen is fascinating. You see, the reason why we develop these wrinkles, or pits or scars is because the rate at which our bodiesí recover or repair damages has slowed down. More specifically, the elasticity - or the skinís tissue fibers that give it supple flexibility - has been broken down or worn out from sun damage and repetitive muscle use over time. Or in the case of acne scars - the healing response has been interrupted and layers of malformed scar tissue have developed. However, our body or face


has not been able to repair it fast enough before we wore it out again.


   Hereís how the fractional laser can help. Itís called a FRACTIONAL LASER because under every ďzapĒ from the laser only a fraction of the skin is being affected (which makes it safer and permits no down-time). The laser sends tiny columns of Intense Pulsed Light, IPL, through selected pores and dissolves weakened strands of elasticity and stimulates the collagen to send a healing response. It then fills in that dissolved area with protective, stronger skin tissue. The appearance is actual new, smoother skin!


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