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  Are Permanent  
  Eyebrows Right  
  for You?  
  by Marcia Hale  

One of our most popular treatments for reversing the signs of aging is our Permanent Eyebrow Treatment. And there’s a good reason for that! Not only is the treatment affordable, but the results are immediate. The cosmetic pigment looks natural as it blends into your own natural brows, and there is no down-time as swelling is minimal.


   Don’t worry if you suspect that your brows are too sparse or light colored. Marcia Hale, the Permanent Cosmetic Specialist and Fine Artist, can detail the eyebrows to create individual hair strokes and fill in the sparse areas. No more “drawn on” eyebrows appear too heavy and artificial. Best of all, these eyebrows won’t wipe off or smear at the worst times.


   Here’s an easy assignment. Take a picture of yourself with a clean, makeup free face. Then, apply some color and shape to your brows and take another picture. I bet you have noticed that by changing nothing else but your eyebrows, you look 5-10 years younger!


Marcia Hale


   After our Permanent Eyebrow Treatment, you may even feel younger because of all the compliments you will receive saying you look fresher.


   After you have improved the appearance of your eyebrows, why not try one of the other treatments that Marcia provides such as: the Eyelash and Eyeliner Enhancement, Lip Liner and Fill (to even out your lips and make them appear fuller without injections), Hair Fill (in areas on your head where hair is thinning), Scar Camouflage, and Skin Corrections such as Areola and Belly Button Restoration.


   So don’t get caught “aging” yourself by the accidental swipe of the brow when it’s so easy to look younger permanently!

  Call Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa’s  
  Marcia Hale and make an appointment at 724-987-3221.  
Peggy Outrakis, LMT
Christine Kiefer

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